the Mobility.club started in May 2018 after a recently graduated law/policy enthusiast became frustrated with his friends’ obsession with cryptocurrencies.

This led him to start theMobility.club in order to create a go-to portal for mobility-related news (bonus: and find people who shared the same passion)
— Recently graduated law/policy enthusiast

the Founder


My name is Andrew Kyprianides and I am a Cyprus-born, Greece/UK/US-educated individual who is passionate about all things directly or indirectly related to mobility. These include autonomous vehicles, first/last-mile solutions, AI, Waymo, Cruise, Tesla, curb space data, patents, regulation, and city planning, among other things.  

After a brief career in the army, I moved to London to pursue a law degree. Upon graduation, I worked as an Associate Attorney for the Attorney General (think Boston Legal, in a supposedly European context). A Kennedy scholarship and the desire to learn more about the ways the private and public sector interact, led me to Harvard University, where I studied Business and Government Policy for two years - I actually wrote my graduate thesis on the effect of the patent system on the development of autonomous vehicles. 

After graduating from Harvard University, I started themobility.club (for my reasons, read above) which will have hopefully evolved into a value-adding product by the time you read this passage.