Daily: Tuesday, October 2, 2018

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The Daily series provides a brief overview of the daily mobility developments - including those that did not make headlines on this website, along with links to other websites where you can find out more information.

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  • Lime e-scooters land in Canada - themobility.club

  • Renault Mitsubishi Nissan Alliance head thinks a Brexit deal will be struck - FT

  • Ford has proposed an autonomous vehicles standard to signal intentions - CNet

  • Renault unveiled the EZ-Ultimo, a self-driving lounge - Engadget

  • Norway leads electrification: 45% of new cars registered are fully electric - Electrek

  • Lyft adds mid-ride feedback - Mashable

  • Waymo loses one of its LIDAR patents after challenge by random engineer - CNet

  • Tesla will build another tent to wrap its cars in protective material ahead of delivery - Bloomberg

  • NXP announces new automotive radar systems - Forbes

Photo Credit: Renault Media