Waymo: Jaime Waydo moves to Cupertino

While Apple has been suspiciously low-key about its work on autonomous vehicles, there was never any doubt that project Titan is an important consideration for the Cupertino-based company - Tim Cook called it "the mother of all AI projects" in an interview with Bloomberg last year.

A recent report from the New York Times, revealing that Apple had signed a deal for remaking some of Volkswagen's Transporter T6 vans into autonomous shuttles for its employees, sparked new interest in Apple's self-driving car aspirations. The company has received over 40 permits to test its vehicles on Californian roads - possessing the highest number of permits after the GM-owned Cruise.  

Reuters recently confirmed a scoop first published on the Information, suggesting that Waymo had lost one of its senior engineers to Apple. Ms. Jaime Waydo, a NASA alumna, had been an engineer for Google X, and, since Waymo's incorporation, the Lead Systems Engineer of Waymo. The news confirm Apple's commitment to project Titan amidst the relative scarcity of information about any autonomous products at Cupertino. 

Apple's move follows another high-profile hire from Waymo: that of Mr. John Giannandrea, almost three months ago. 

Andrew Kyprianides