Will User Experience help adoption of AVs?

As Phillip McNamara of Voxpro argues, it will. 

As we march towards a time when customer experience overtakes price and product as the most important differentiator (Walker's latest 2020 report argues that companies need to shift to customer experience to retain their clientele), autonomous vehicles manufacturers need to shift their thinking from being customer-focused to being customer-committed. 

What does this entail, though? Primarily, at this stage, ensuring that autonomous vehicles are safe enough for mass deployment. But, further to this obvious point, I would argue that CX (Customer eXperience) for AV-riders needs to embrace the concept of mobility-as-a-service, of which the self-driving car is merely a small part.  Seamless integration with other means of transport that  allow the urbanite to get from point A to B as safely, comfortably, and quickly as possible is essential to achieving the dream of efficient transportation. 

Andrew Kyprianides