Denver: Shift to Mobility as a Service?

The city of Denver hints at a new model of transportation that weaves together mass transport and electric scooters. As the Denver Post reports, the new pilot programme will be launched through Denver's existing Transit Amenities Program. According to DenverGov, the TAP permits private vendors to install new advertising shelters, kiosks, and city standard benches at bus stops. 

This could indicate that the City of Denver is looking to integrate e-scooters with their rail and buses. If this turns out to be the case, we may see e-scooters added to Denver's RTD Mobile Ticketing app. Apps like MaaS Global's Whim offer similar, albeit more all-embracing  functionality in countries like Finland. Uber has also made steps towards a MaaS concept by integrating Jump bikes with their Uber app in certain locations, thus allowing users to complete a trip using a variety of means of transport. Multi-modal transportation is also evident in services like Uber Express Pool: express pool encourages users to expedite their trip by walking to/from a nearby convenient pick-up/drop-off location.     

As previously reported, the city of Denver (Denver Public Works) issued an order asking Lime and Bird to cease operation of their e-scooter fleet in the city. The two mobility companies launched their e-scooters on the same day, less than a month ago, without first notifying the City or obtaining any relevant permit.  Bird has already announced that it will be working with Denver and that it is taking the necessary steps to secure the required permits.  

We look forward to working with the City of Denver, a fast-growing city that shares our commitment to delivering innovative mobility solutions
— David Estrada, Bird’s Chief Legal Officer as quoted on the Denver Post
Andrew Kyprianides