Volkswagen: Alliance for Autonomous Vehicles

Volkswagen Group has partnered up with four major automotive suppliers to create the Networking for Autonomous Vehicles Alliance. The NAV Alliance consists of the Volkswagen Group of America, NVIDIA, Bosch, Continental, and the high-speed transceiver manufacturer Aquantia.

According to the Alliance's website, the mission of the group is to "provide a platform for the automotive industry to develop the next generation of in-vehicle network infrastructure for autonomous vehicles, and facilitate wide deployment of networking technologies and products". One of the objectives mentioned is the creation of specifications for interoperability, security, and reliability, as well as the establishment of standards body liaisons. Indeed, the autonomous vehicles industry could benefit from standardisation of some aspects of the autonomous driving - communication standards ensuring interoperability across the board can be life-saving, for example, as vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication is further developed. 

More importantly, the sheer volume of the data collected and processed by a Level 4+ vehicle will require a new way of moving data between the different components: the NAV Alliance aspires to create the ecosystem required for a new generation of Multi-Gig automotive Ethernet network, which will enable such seamless data transfer. 

Autonomous vehicles require an onboard AI supercomputer, architected for functional safety, capable of processing vast amounts of sensor data through redundant and diverse deep neural networks and algorithms. Multi-Gig Ethernet has a proven track record for interoperability and scalability, making it a natural choice for automotive connectivity, delivering critical data from the sensor suite to the vehicle’s AI brain
— Gary Hicok, Senior Vice President of Hardware Development at NVIDIA, reported by the Finacial Times


    Andrew Kyprianides