Anthony Levandowski: Linked to new startup

As Techcrunch revealed hours ago, the infamous Google-turned-Otto-turned-Uber engineer who was at the forefront of the legal dispute between Uber and Waymo, has been linked to a new startup. Anthony Levandowski has largely been out of the spotlight since Waymo and Uber settled the case back in February 2018 (Google received a 0.34% stake in Uber - worth approximately $250 million at the time).

Filing Documents -  found here

Filing Documents - found here

The new startup, called, was incorporated in California around 7 months ago and is governed by Delaware law, as evidenced by the relevant document. Interestingly, the incorporation took place around the same time as the Waymo v Uber case was settled. The incorporation documents list a person named Thomas S. Lee Jr. as the president of

The fascinating aspect of the filing, unearthed by TechCrunch, is that the address where the executive office is supposedly based (1655 Oak Avenue, in Saint Helena, CA) is matched to a property owned by Levandowski’s father and stepmother. According to Kirsten Korosec, who brilliantly connected all the dots, Levandowski's mother has previously served as the CEO of another startup owned by Levandowski, namely 510 Systems. 

The website of has been wiped clear of any useful information since the news broke out. Before then, though, it contained information suggesting its mission is to build technology for autonomous trucks - and they are (were?) hiring!

We’re developing the solution for the next level of on-the-road self-driving trucks. Our development philosophy is based on a fast moving, very aggressive agile team approach and we’re seeking both software and hardware engineers that thrive in such an environment
— - text no longer available on website

It will be interesting to see whether will use similar technology to the one Otto was building (Levandowski's previous startup that was acquired by Uber for $680m before the trade secret wars began) or whether it will pivot to a new model of autonomous technology development. 

Andrew Kyprianides