New York City: Bikeshare Pilot announced

The New York City Department of Transportation has just announced the details on the bikeshare pilot that will be rolled out later this month. According to the NYC Department of Transportation's Twitter announcement, four neighbourhoods in New York City will host at least 200 bikes each: the neighbourhoods include the Rockaway, central Bronx, Staten Island's North Shore, and Coney Island (later this year).


The bikeshare companies that have been chosen to serve New Yorkers include a combination of e-bike and regular bike providers. Interestingly, there is also a mix of different locking mechanisms - some of the providers chosen use a lock-to mechanism, which requires riders to secure their bike onto a stationary item, after they finish their ride. Other providers only use bikes which lock onto themselves, and can thus be "dropped" anywhere in the City. The companies selected are the following: 

a. Lime Bikes (e-bikes, lock-in mechanism)

b. Jump Bikes (e-bikes, lock-in mechanism) 

c. Pace Bikes (Zagster's dockless solution, regular bikes, lock-to mechanism)

d. Ofo Bikes (regular bikes, lock-in mechanism) 

e. Motivate Bikes (operator of Divvy and Ford GoBikes, acquired by Lyft, regular bikes, potentially lock-to mechanism) 

Source:  NYC DOT

Source: NYC DOT

The Department of Transportation could be purposefully experimenting with both lock-to and lock-in mechanisms. Over the past few months, bike providers have launched their bikes in various cities - each launch has been met with a variety of emotions. Most recently, the city of Chicago effectuated a lock-to requirement for any further bikeshare expansion, practically outlawing expansion of companies like Ofo, that will only be allowed to operate the 50 bikes they have already deployed in the area. The announcement confirms that the bikes will be available by three out of the four neighbourhoods by the end of July. Coney Island, served by Motivate, will receive their first bikes later in the year. Moreover, it seems like the Department of Transportation is looking to include one more partner in this venture - particularly with respect to Coney Island. 


Andrew Kyprianides