Dubai: Cybersecurity standards for Autonomous Vehicles

The Dubai Electronic Security Centre is set to introduce a new "Cybersecurity Standard" for Autonomous Vehicles. According to a report by Tahawul Tech, the standard will include requirements and guidelines to guarantee security of Autonomous Vehicles. 

As Dr. Bushra Al Blooshi, Research and Innovation Manager of the Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) explained, a full survey of all the risks and cyber threats facing Autonomous Vehicles was conducted, as well as an analysis of all the failures/attacks that previously plagued AVs. The results of the research conducted led to the Cybersecurity Standard, which covers security aspects pertaining to the vehicle’s communication, software, hardware, and supply chain. 

Dubai is no stranger to mobility innovation: In 2017, the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) announced their Self-driving Transport Strategy, part of which is the objective to turn 25% of all trips in Dubai to self-driving journeys by 2030. The strategy is part of a wider programme to make transportation smarter in Dubai - the Smart Transport Strategy.

Dubai has been trying to establish itself as the tech hub of the Middle East. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed has encouraged multiple initiatives aimed at helping tech companies establish themselves in Dubai, and make the life of the locals easier. One of the most notable examples is the Smart Dubai 2021 initiative, guided by Dubai's leader himself. The 2021 initiative gathers revolutionary objectives for all aspects of life in Dubai under one single umbrella: to make Dubai the happiest city on earth! 

Andrew Kyprianides