Daily: Monday, July 9, 2018


themobility.club has launched a secondary type of articles. The Daily series will provide a brief overview of the daily mobility developments - including those that did not make headlines on this website, along with links to other websites where you can find out more information.

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  • Uber partners with Lime. - themobility.club
  • Nissan admits to falsifying emissions data - themobility.club 
  • Ofo pulls out of Chicago, due to lock-to requirements - Chicago Tribune
  • Tesla raises its prices in China by 20% as new tariffs kick in - Nikkei 
  • The Hill's Gallup: Most Americans don't trust AVs - The Hill
  • The UK aims to become world leader in EVs: here's how - CNBC 
  • Deloitte: Is Blockchain the future of mobility? - Fleet Europe 

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Photo Credit: MaxPixel

Andrew Kyprianides