The Weekend Edition: September 22-23, 2018

Mercedes Benz presented launched its new e-Citaro

Mercedes Benz presented launched its new e-Citaro

The Weekend Edition provides a brief overview of the mobility developments that happened during or right before the weekend - including those that did not make headlines on this website, along with links to other websites where you can find out more information.

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  • Commission: Could this be the new Dieselgate? -

  • Porsche drops diesel vehicles to focus on electric cars - Bloomberg

  • Daimler shows off its new, electric, commercial vehicles - Twitter

  • Uber in talks to buy Deliveroo - CNBC

  • Toyota adds Android Auto to its cars - Bloomberg

  • Head of Global Supply Management leaves Tesla - Fortune

  • Tesla strikes three-year battery supply contract with Gangfeng - Bloomberg

  • Lime Bike raises prices after competitors leave town - The Stranger

Photo Credit: Daimler Media