Mercedes Benz: This is the EQC

The wait is finally over: taking the stage at "me convention" in Sweden, the german luxury automaker unveiled the first member of the EQ family.

The electric SUV, whose full name is EQC400 4matic is a 4-wheel drive vehicle that is powered by two electric motors. Combined, the electric motors produce a horsepower of 402hp and 564 pound-feet of torque. The powertrain will be able to move the EQC from 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds and will give it a top speed of 112mph, according to Mercedes Benz. 

Although the German automaker suggested its first fully-electric car may have an electric range of approximately 300 miles, the new EQQ's range is probably closer to 200 miles. Its average consumption, as Mercedes Benz claims is 22.2kWh/100km - its 80kWh capacity battery should thus give a range of approximately 225 miles; given that Mercedes-Benz uses the European standard for calculating consumption / range, a more conservative estimate of 200 miles after a full charge is likely closer to the -American- truth.  

Maybe 200 miles can go a long way, but, as shown, the EQC falls slightly short of the competition. With that said, charging will be relatively fast: a 10% to 100% charge will take between 7-8 hours using the home charger (220V figure provided, but 110V charging should not take much longer). DC Fast Charging will also be available and will be able to get the battery from 10% to 80% in just 40 minutes but no further details have been revealed with regard to this. 

Mercedes EQC Article - September 4 2018.jpg

Mercedes-Benz is known for the sheer luxury of its cars, and the EQC will not let you down. As the photos reveal, the vents have been dressed in rose gold accents, while the infotainment system makes use of two massive 10.25 screens - the dual screen configuration has become somewhat of a trademark for Mercedes Benz. Other interesting features include voice-activated commands: in classic Alexa fashion, Mercedes Benz has chosen "Hey Mercedes" as the wake-up signal for the voice commands in its new SUV. As AutoBlog reports, the EQC will even understand natural speech, so "Hey Mercedes, I'm cold" will raise the set temperature. Different driving modes and regenerative braking modes will be available to the driver - apart from the expected options, a hard regenerative mode will be available (D--) and will enable the driver to brake by lifting their foot from the accelerator. Expectedly, the infotainment and navigation system has been redesigned to match the needs of an EV-driver: routes can now include a stop at the nearest recharging point, for example. It should be noted that EQC's drivers will also gain access to a vast network of charging points, as Daimler has partnered up with most other major automakers (including Volkswagen Group, BMW, and Ford) to create a joint network of fast-charging points (Read more about it here). 

Given the "C" in its name, the comparison to Mercedes Benz GLC SUV is unavoidable. It also helps to gauge the pricing (not announced) of Mercedes' first electric vehicle: given that class C of the German car manufacturer is the younger, sportier, and almost always cheaper sibling of the E and S classes, the EQC will probably try to capture some of the younger buyers who currently choose Tesla Model S and Jaguar's I-Pace. The base-models of the competition sport similar, but slightly longer ranges (Tesla Model S: 240 miles, Jaguar I-Pace: 240 miles). Price-wise, the all-wheel drive, base version of Tesla's Model S starts at nearly $76,000. The base version of I-PACE starts at nearly $70,000 and Tesla's SUV, the fancier Model X has a starting price of $79,500. The four-wheel drive, gasoline-powered sibling of EQC, Mercedes Benz GLC has a base price of $43,000. I would thus expect the new EQC to be offered at a price close to $65,000 in the United States. This would allow Mercedes Benz to avoid internal competition with the GLC, but also compete with Jaguar's I-PACE (which will be available earlier) and Tesla's best-seller, the Model S. 

It will be interesting to see how buyers respond to this new addition to the EV options available. EQC represents the first fully electric vehicle by a luxury automaker - although Jaguar I-PACE is a similarly attractive option, the Jaguar Land Rover group is not as popular with the high-end vehicle buyers. Additionally, Mercedes Benz has made a smart move by choosing an SUV form factor for its first EV. While Tesla is dominating the EV game, its Model X has a rather peculiar design and a much higher price tag than the price at which the EQC will probably sell. Thus, given that the EQC will probably be closer to Model S price wise, new EV buyers may prefer EQC's SUV form factor, instead of the Model S sedan looks.